Elementary School

Our aim is to build a solid foundation academically and to encourage our students to have an outward focus through a strong missional approach.



Spiritual Foundations

Dayton Christian Elementary School desires to inspire students to be “the Salt and Light” of the world. We pray its light reaches across the Miami valley and even to the ends of the earth. We instill in our students the concept that just as each lighthouse has its own light beam and code, our students have individual gifts and talents, and their purpose is, like the lighthouse, to rescue ships that are lost in a storm, to reach out to the needy. DCES equips students with knowledge-based truths, inspired by God, to develop a Biblical worldview. The hope of “the SALT and LIGHT of DCES,” philosophy, evident through our living curriculum (our teachers and staff) is that our students will declare, “I am the SALT & LIGHT. I SHINE for JESUS’ Glory.”


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Academic Foundations

Our math and language courses of study meet and exceed the State of Ohio content standards.

Dayton Christian takes part in the State of Ohio Third Grade Guarantee and strives to ensure all our students meet the minimum state proficiency levels in reading before fourth grade. In order to do this, our elementary teachers in first through third grade are trained to use the Orton Gillingham approach to reading through the Institute for Multi-sensory Education.  Our elementary reading specialist assists struggling students. In addition to the reading and language arts curriculum, students in third and fourth grade use Study Island, an online language arts learning program that not only helps students to develop the skills they will need in the classroom, but also prepares them to perform well on school and state assessments.

In mathematics, teachers use the McGraw Hill Math Connects curriculum which offers a multitude of hands-on learning opportunities. The Mathseeds online learning program is offered to kindergarten, first, and second graders to help them develop the foundational skills they need to develop at this age.