Welcome to Dayton Christian High School built on academic excellence and a sense of belonging. Our high school culture encourages life-long learning and prepares students to face real-world challenges with the truth of scripture. Students are provided with opportunities to engage in ministry, explore their God-given gifts, and are challenged in their pursuit of knowledge. We strive for each DC student to possess six key attributes upon graduation: Christ-follower, effective communicator, servant leader, problem solver, critical thinker, and ready for college and career.






Dayton Christian high school curriculum is primarily focused on college readiness and career exploration. A combination of advanced learning courses and our signature Industrial Arts program aides in preparation of students for a post-secondary journey at either a university or in a trade.

Dayton Christian uses both secular and Christian publishers. Christian publishers include BJU Press in Science and History and ACSI in Health, Purposeful Design. All secular curriculum materials are screened against Biblical truth with Biblical integration woven through all subjects by the teachers.

To explore currently offered courses please refer to the most up-to-date Course Catalogue.

Spiritual Life

Spiritual life at Dayton Christian High School is multi-faceted and is weaved into both the academic and student life programs. 

In academics, each course of study, from Bible to Chemistry, offers Biblical integration, guiding and challenging students as they develop a personal Biblical worldview. 

In student life, experiences that help students to continually pursue their faith include weekly chapels, discipleship groups, and service projects such as mission trips. 

In athletics, students grow in their abilities through the lens of the DC Athletics mission statement: “To train and develop the spiritual component of the athlete through the gift of the Holy Spirit, understanding that his or her mind and body belong to the Lord” (1 Thessalonians 5:23).

College & Career Preparation


DC Parent

We are so thankful that our kids are all learning within the framework of a Biblical worldview! DC gives students good academics and wonderful opportunities for social interaction and extracurricular activities.