Welcome to Dayton Christian Preschool where our mission is to develop the whole child – spiritually, emotionally, academically, behaviorally, and socially, while preparing them for a strong start in kindergarten. It’s here that students develop a love for learning and lay a strong foundation in Jesus Christ. We use a balanced approach between structured learning and creative experiences to build upon the natural curiosity of each child. Students who attend our preschool program consistently score higher on the kindergarten entrance exam than those coming to DC from any other school.






At Dayton Christian Preschool we focus on differentiated instruction, Biblical integration and experiential learning. Our teachers combine the Read & Share Bible and DLM Early Childhood Express to create our own Biblically-integrated curriculum. We introduce a different letter, number, Bible Story, Bible verse, math, science, and social studies concepts weekly to create a developmentally-appropriate and phonemically-rich curriculum that meets each individual where they are academically. 


A Preschool Warrior classroom is designed with our little learners in mind. Purpose-driven centers help students to develop social-emotional skills through play while fostering their senses of curiosity and belonging. Each center reinforces a specific set of skills that are being learned throughout the day. This helps a child to gain confidence in areas of natural gifting early in their development. Preschool centers include Writing, Science & Math, Art & Sensory, Building & STEM, and Imaginative Play.


Every preschool class has a daily time of worship during which students hear the weekly Bible story, practice the weekly memory verse, and sing and dance to worship songs related to the weekly Bible story. All stories and verses are connected to the overarching monthly theme. For example, at the beginning of the school year our theme is "All About Preschool" where students learn the Ten Commandments while exploring their class rules. Preschool teachers also instill a value of service through in-class activities and jobs, giving students opportunities to serve the community and one another.


Wendy Tesmer, Director

Preschool is the moment your child discovers the love of learning by using the gift God has given him.