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Mrs. Watkins’ 6th grade social studies classes learned all about the process of geological excavations using chocolate chip cookies. See more on our story! #dcs6thgrade #sixthgrade #makinglearningfun

The DC community gathered for prayer today at the flag pole for @seeyouatthepole. What a sweet time of worship and prayer! Find more info and photos on our story. #syatp #seeyouatthepole #theprivilegeofprayer #thisiswhydc

🙏SEE YOU AT THE POLE!🙏Join us at this annual event where Christians meet at the school flag pole to pray. We will meet at 7:30 am by the Building A flag pole. May we set an example to our children about the importance of prayer! 💜💛 #syatp #syatp2022 #ThisIsWhyDC

THE 21-22 ATHLETIC YEAR IN REVIEW: Thank you, Ben Shroyer, of @dcs.athletics for the complete wrap-up! Find photos on our story and more details - championships, awards, service projects & more - at the link in our bio!

DC COFFEE CHAT: Do you 💜love💜DC and want to share your school with your friends? We will be hosting informal coffee meetings throughout the greater Dayton area this fall where parents interested in the school can stop by to ask questions about our programs, curriculum, athletics, and ...more.

☕️�The first DC Coffee Chat will be October 5 at 9 am at Muddy Goose in Springboro. If you have a friend who has been wanting to learn more about DC, we invite you to come together and let us treat you to coffee. We hope to see you there!

HANDS-ON SCIENCE: DCHS physics students shot marbles from a launcher this week to determine the initial velocity of a projectile based on how high it travels vertically. Miss Fischer is introducing them to projectile motion - the fun way. 💜💛#dclovesstem #dchsphysics

SPOTLIGHT ON DC MUSICAL ARTS. 🎵🎵 We are thrilled to have talented faculty who teach our students to “Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord”! Let’s take a peek into some music classes and see what has been going on this week:

🎺High school concert band is engaged and... working hard. There are 2️⃣4️⃣ rehearsals until their first performance on October 20, and Mr. Greenwalt is preparing them well. You can also catch the 🚩DC Marching Band and Color Guard 🚩at every home varsity football game, including September 23, September 30, October 7 (Homecoming) and October 14.

🎤The junior high worship team have been practicing for Thursday’s chapel, and today they did it outdoors! It’s such a blessing to walk through our courtyard and hear students praising the Lord!

🎶Christmas may be a little over three months away, but Mrs. Schick already has our elementary students learning the songs they will be performing. Don’t be surprised if you hear your student humming some holiday tunes as they prepare for this year’s Christmas concert.

☝️👋💪Mrs. Weldon is teaching our kindergarteners to sing and sign American Sign Language simultaneously.

🥁In preschool, Mrs. Frye is helping our little ones learn about fast and slow musical rhythms by having them move their bodies to the speed of the music they hear.

We so appreciate our amazing musical arts teachers! (Find out more on our story! #livingcurriculum #dclovesthefinearts #dcmusicalarts #makeajoyfulnoiseuntothelord

Middle School Art ~ chalk, shadows and pumpkins. Notice just the window light coming into the room so we notice the shadows and highlights.
We’re excited to show you more Fine Arts classes, stay tuned ! 💜🎶🎺🎨 #DCSfinearts

Most of us saw this day as just an Early Dismissal, but our faculty had a Professional Development session with 2004 DC alum and former DC teacher, Mike Hamilton and former DC high school teacher of 29 years, Greg Kurtz with @goodcommaclassroom
Thank you for investing in us! #educatingeducators