Leadership Opportunities

Developing leadership abilities is an important part of the educational process. At Dayton Christian School, we aspire to develop leaders who will impact their world in a positive way by giving our students many opportunities to develop these skills.

In addition to developing leadership skills within the classroom itself, upper elementary students can participate in making the morning announcements or joining the DCES Crossing Guard.

In middle school, students can also participate in morning announcements or develop leadership through student government. The DCMS chapter of the National Junior Honor Society elects members each year who help to serve the rest of the student body in various capacities. In addition, four student leaders are recognized each month as the “HUB Student of the Month” to call attention to those students who excel in being a leader and role model to their peers through their character.

The opportunities to develop leadership are endless at Dayton Christian High School. Student government, National Honor Society, praise and worship team, discipleship teams, drama productions, athletic team captains, and sports team management are just a few of the options.