Martin Luther King, Jr. Contest 2022

In January, Dayton Christian School students in Grades K-12 were invited to participate in a contest to honor the work and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Submissions of written essays, poetry, art interpretation, and multi-media presentations demonstrated the impact that Dr. King and his legacy have had on our families, communities, and nation. 

Click on the link below to view all submissions.  PowerPoint presentations and videos that were not able to be incorporated into the submissions presentation can be found in the section below.  

MLK Jr. Contest Submissions 2022


Contest PowerPoint and Video Submissions:

Grade 1 Video Submission SL (Honorable Mention,  Grades K-12)

Grade 2 PowerPoint GG

Grade 5 PowerPoint RM (Winner, Grades 3-5)

Grade 6 PowerPoint MD

Grade 6 PowerPoint EW


Contest Winners: 

Grade K-2 Winners
First Place: Everett Martinez, 2nd Grade Art Submission
Second Place: Addison Martinez, Kindergarten Art Submission
Honorable Mention: Sadie Lifer, 1st Grade Digital Submission

Grade 3-5 Winners
First Place: Ryla Mullen, 5th Grade Digital Submission
Second Place: Abigail LaCasse, 3rd Grade Art Submission
Honorable Mention: Brooklyn Collins, 5th Grade Poetry Submission

Grades 6-8 Winners
First Place: Maddie DuBusky, 6th Grade Digital Submission
Second Place: Porter Clemons, 6th Grade Art Submission

Grades 9-12 Winner
• Myown Jenkins, 11th Grade Poetry Submission