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Look over the sessions below, taking careful note of which grades each one covers. Grades indicated under each session apply to the grade a camper just completed in the 2018-2019 school year. Once you have selected the sessions you want, scroll to the bottom of the page and indicate your selection through the drop-down box. 

*Campers staying all day will be responsible for bringing a sack lunch.

Payments are due one week prior to camp and can be paid by credit card or check. Checks can be made payable to “Dayton Christian School” and mailed to 9391 Washington Church Road, Miamisburg, OH  45342.  Please put “Campalooza” in the memo line and write ATTENTION: Campalooza on the envelope.  The online payment option will be available soon. Each camper must also fill out an emergency medical form, which will be sent to you via email after registration.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by calling 291-7567 or emailing

Campalooza 2019 Sessions


UAV: Taking Flight

You don’t have to wait until high school to discover the fun of flying drones or understand the science behind it. DC Graduate Max Johnson will lead the camp, and be joined each day by high-level commercial and military aeronautics professionals each sharing their passion for UAV and engineering. The five-day adventure will equip you with knowledge of flight through interactive, hands-on activities, and a field trip to the Wright Brothers Airport where you’ll see flight in action and get to sit in a real cockpit. Oh, and did we mention, you’ll get your own drone to keep? Take advantage of this awesome opportunity before lift off! Secure your spot today – this session sold out last year! 

AM Session: 5th to 8th grade
Cost: $300 

Piloting: Reaching New Heights

This camp will teach basic instruction of aviation principles and concepts that relate to flying an aircraft, and understanding navigation, weather and the airport environment. The goal of this session is to expose students to the world of aviation through hands-on activities, which include ground instruction from an actual flight instructor, meeting and engaging with an airline pilot, and ultimately flying a plane with the help of an instructor. Parents are welcome to attend the airport flight portion on the final day of camp to see their student fly!

PM Session: 8th – 12th grade
Cost: $400

Drama: Stories and Stages

This summer you can learn the skills it takes to be a true storyteller, performer and thespian. Join Elizabeth Furst as she brings her experience working with premier talent from Disney and American Idol to our school campus. This camp will cover character development, script writing, stage direction, theatre terms and techniques, and vocal and movement training. Actors will showcase what they have learned through a troupe performance for parents at the end of the week.

AM Session: 1st – 4th grade
PM Session: 5th – 8th grade
Cost: $150

Archery: Leaving Your Mark

We have partnered with HISPINS Archery, which instructs thousands of students annually in the sport of archery. Whether your student has archery experience or not, this camp will equip them with foundational skills to build upon for the future. Your student can expect to have a ton of fun during this week and also learn about safety, form, various types of archery, foundational archery techniques as well as Biblical principles. This is one camp you will want to have in your sights!

AM Session: 5th – 8th grade
PM Session: 5th – 8th grade
Cost: $150

Dance: Worship and Creative Movement

Does worship music ever move you to praise God through more than just your singing? Join Lexie Anders as she brings her passion for worship dance to this camp. The five-day experience will teach a combination of ballet, jazz and contemporary dance to worship music. The end result? A glorifying performance for the entire family to enjoy. Take advantage of this beautiful opportunity before the curtain closes!

AM Session: 5th – 8th grade
PM Session: 1st – 4th grade
Cost: $150

Spanish: Expanding Your World

How about traveling to a new culture this summer without even leaving Dayton? Studies have shown that children who learn a second language at a younger age enhance their creativity, critical thinking skills and mental flexibility. This camp will expose young campers to the Spanish language and culture through fun, interactive play such as music, visuals and games.

AM Session: 1st – 2nd grade
PM Session: 3rd – 4th grade
Cost: $100

Art: Creative by Design

Is art class one of your favorite hours of the school day? Well, here’s your chance to stretch your creativity into the summer. Join Stefanie Clements as she brings her gift for art to this five-day experience that will include clay projects, painting and a print-making experience. This was one of our most popular sessions last summer, so don’t wait too long to secure your spot!

AM Session: 3rd – 4th grade
PM Session: 1st – 2nd grade
Cost: $150

Special sessions: June 17-21
AM Session: 5th-6th Grade
PM Session: 7th-8th Grade
Cost: $150

Sewing: Thimbles and Threads

Who doesn’t like a pajama party? Join Karen Hoppe as she brings her love for sewing to students by teaching them the basics of the trade by sewing all the essentials needed for a sleepover. Students will be introduced to the parts of the sewing machine, machine safety and operation. They then will be set in motion to create a drawstring sling bag, a pillow case, a pair of pajama pants and a sleep mask. No prior experience with sewing required!

AM Session: 5th – 8th grade
PM Session: 3rd – 5th grade
Cost: $150

Meet our 2019 Campalooza Instructors

Stefanie Clements – Art
Stefanie received a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Bob Jones University, and returned to teach art at DC where she graduated in 1998. Stefanie has dedicated the last decade to DC and loves revealing a child’s gift for art by teaching them techniques that allow them to do things they never thought possible. Stefanie serves as DC’s art teacher for 1st through 8th grades.

Karen Hoppe – Sewing
Karen has been teaching sewing for 22 years through her business known as Thimbles and Threads Sewing School. She and her husband, Wally, have four children who attended DC. Karen was very involved in the costume production for DC’s theatrical events throughout the late 1980s. Now, she enjoys being a grandmother of five DC students. More information about her business can be viewed at

Lexie Anders – Dance
Lexie regularly shares her passion for dance with students at DC, where she teaches fourth grade. She teaches all different forms of the art through classes in our community, and provides choreography to theater productions at the school. She loves pointing children to Christ through the art of dance.                                                                             

Elizabeth Furst – Drama
Elizabeth’s passion for theatre and the storytelling arts run deep. She has worked as an acting instructor for several children’s theatre programs across the country and served as the Assistant Director for a multi-million-dollar non-profit organization in Minneapolis, MN. Elizabeth has worked with premier talent from Disney, Xelias Aerial Arts, Circus Juventus and American Idol. Currently, Elizabeth works as a teaching artist in Dayton with Brighter Connections Theatre and Victoria Theatre. Elizabeth also has a background in writing children’s curriculum and a degree in Youth Communications and Counseling.

Allison Misere – Spanish
Allison brings her love for Hispanic people and their culture to the classroom. She is now in her 11th year of teaching Spanish to students at DC. Through teaching, she is able to show students how fun it can be to step out of their comfort zone and learn something new. In addition to teaching Spanish, Allison has led mission trips to Mexico and the Dominican Republic for 15 years.

Chris Downing – Archery
Chris is Director of HisPins Archery, a ministry dedicated to teaching Christ through the art of archery. He attended Cincinnati Christian University, and later developed a love for archery during a six-year stint as a student minister in Xenia. HisPins Archery hosts clubs across the US and around the world, touching lives of tens of thousands of kids with Christ’s truth through archery.

Max Johnson – UAV and Piloting
Max is a 2018 Dayton Christian graduate whose love for flying became a reality the summer before his 8th grade year when he had an opportunity to co-pilot a plane. He flew his first corporate business jet at age 16, and received his private piloting license in 2017. He currently attends Liberty University at the School of Aeronautics where he is pursuing a Bachelors in Aeronautical Science degree.


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