Taking Flight

You don’t have to wait until high school to discover the fun of flying drones or understand the science behind it. DC Graduate Ryan Shupert will lead the camp, and be joined each day by high-level commercial and military aeronautics professionals each sharing their passion for UAV and engineering. The five-day adventure will equip you with knowledge of flight through interactive, hands-on activities, and a field trip to the Wright Brothers Airport where you’ll see flight in action and get to sit in a real cockpit. Oh, and did we mention, you’ll get your own drone to keep? Take advantage of this awesome opportunity before lift off!

Incoming 5th to 9th grade
$300 per camper (Space limited to 12 campers)

Snapshot of Summer

Ever wonder what it takes to capture that perfect photo? Join DC’s own Chris Malmstrom as he brings his love for photography and real-world experience in the industry to this camp. The five-day camp will equip you to take your photography to the next level whether it’s polishing up that selfie or mastering a portrait. You’ll learn technique and lab concepts, and go on location to shoot at local parks and in urban settings. You don’t have to have a fancy camera to sign up – bring what you have even if it’s the camera on your phone. Take advantage of this awesome opportunity before the shutter clicks for the last time!

Incoming 7th to 12th grade
$100 per camper

Creative by Design

Is art class one of your favorite hours of the school day? Well, here’s your chance to stretch your creativity into the summer. Join DC’s own Stefanie Clements as she brings her gift for art to this five-day experience that will include larger canvas paintings, 3D projects, and oil pastels. Creative by Design will be offered in two sessions based off of a student’s grade in 2017-2018. Take advantage of this creative opportunity before the paint dries!

Morning Session: Current 5th through 8th grade
Afternoon Session: Current 1st through 4th grade – SESSION CURRENTLY FULL: Accepting registrations for wait list
$150 per camper

Worship Through Dance

Does worship music ever move you to praise God through more than just your singing? Join DC’s own Lexie Anders as she brings her passion for worship dance to this camp. The five-day experience will teach a combination of ballet, jazz and contemporary dance to worship music. The end result? A glorifying performance for the entire family to enjoy. Take advantage of this beautiful opportunity before the curtain closes!

Incoming 4th through 8th grade
$100 per camper

Campers receive a Free Campalooza T-Shirt!

*Dayton Christian School reserves the right to cancel camps where registration doesn’t meet minimum requirements.


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