DC Campalooza 2021

Please carefully review the sessions below by taking careful note of what grades each one covers.  Grades indicated under each session apply to the grade a camper completed in the 2020-2021 school year. Once you have selected the sessions you want, scroll to the bottom of the page and indicate your selection through the drop-down box.  Don’t forget to sign up for your free T-shirt on the registration page! 

Standard Session Times

Morning Session: 9 am to 11:30 am

Afternoon Sessions: 12:30 pm to 3 pm

Lunch: 11:30 am to 12:30 pm**

**Campers staying all day will be responsible for bringing a sack lunch.

Payments are due at the time of registration in order to hold a child’s spot.

Each camper must also fill out an emergency medical form and email it to Steve Skolik, Campalooza Camp Director, or brought on the first day of camp. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us by calling (937)291-7567 or emailing

Campalooza 2021 Sessions


UAV: Taking Flight                                                   Instructor: Max Johnson

You don’t have to wait until high school to discover the fun of flying drones or understand the science behind it. DC graduate Max Johnson will lead the camp and be joined each day by high-level commercial and military aeronautics professionals — each sharing their passion for UAV and engineering. This session will equip you with knowledge of flight through interactive, hands-on Biblically-integrated activities, and a field trip to the Wright Brothers Airport where you’ll see flight in action and get to sit in a real cockpit. Oh, and did we mention, you’ll get your own drone to keep? Take advantage of this awesome opportunity before lift off! Secure your spot today – this session sold out in 2019! 

AM Session: 5th to 8th grade
Cost: $300 

Piloting: Reaching New Heights                           Instructor: Max Johnson

Ever wanted to fly, taking in God’s creation from a plane thousands of feet in the air? Becoming a pilot isn’t something that you have to wait to start. This camp will teach basic instruction of aviation principles and concepts that relate to flying an aircraft, and understanding navigation, weather, and the airport environment. The goal of this session is to expose students to the world of aviation through hands-on activities, which include ground instruction from an actual flight instructor, meeting and engaging with an airline pilot, and ultimately flying a plane with the help of an instructor. Parents are welcome to attend the airport flight portion on the final day of camp to see their student fly!

PM Session: 8th – 12th grade
Cost: $300

Dance: Worship and Creative Movement                Instructor: Lexie Anders

Does worship music ever move you to praise God through more than just your singing? Join Lexie Anders as she brings her passion for worship dance to this camp. The session will give students a combination of ballet, jazz and contemporary dance technique skills in classes set to worship music. The end result? A glorifying performance for the entire family to enjoy. 

AM Session: 5th – 8th grade
PM Session: 1st – 4th grade
Cost: $150

Spanish: Expanding Your World                                    Instructor: Allison Misere

How about traveling to a new culture this summer without even leaving Dayton? Studies have shown that children who learn a second language at a younger age enhance their creativity, critical thinking skills, and mental flexibility. This session will expose young campers to the Spanish language and culture through fun, interactive play such as music, visuals, and games.

AM Session: 1st – 2nd grade
PM Session: 3rd – 4th grade
Cost: $100

Art: Creative by Design                                     Instructor: Stefanie Clements

Is art class one of your favorite hours of the school day? Well, here’s your chance to stretch your creativity into the summer. Join Stefanie Clements as she brings her gift for art to this session that will include clay projects, painting, and a print-making experience. This is one of our most popular sessions, so don’t wait too long to secure your spot!

AM Session: 3rd – 4th grade
PM Session: 1st – 2nd grade
Cost: $175

Special sessions: June 14-18
AM Session: 5th – 6th grade
PM Session: 7th – 8th grade
Cost: $175

Sewing: Thimbles and Threads                                 Instructor: Karen Hoppe

Who doesn’t like a pajama party? Join Karen Hoppe as she brings her love for sewing to students by teaching them the basics of the trade by sewing all the essentials needed for a sleepover. Students will be introduced to the parts of the sewing machine, machine safety, and operation. They then will be set in motion to create a drawstring sling bag, a pillow case, a pair of pajama pants, and a sleep mask. No prior experience with sewing required!

AM Session: 1st – 4th  grade
PM Session: 5th – 8th grade
Cost: $150

Logic and Strategy – Historical Gaming                      Instructor: Ken Carnegis

Military wars may look scattered and messy when recounted on the big screen, but these real-life battles took a lot of logic and strategy behind the scenes. This session teaches students the military strategy, tactical combat actions, and weapon systems needed to win game simulations of past wars, including the American Revolution, American Civil War, Colonial battles, WWI, WWII, as well as modern conflicts. Campers will experience American military history in the same manner as military officers at the US Army War College.

AM Session: 9th – 12th grade
Cost: $150

Pirates of the Caribbean Scavenger Hunt              Instructor: Ken Carnegis

Who hasn’t ever dreamed of finding a hidden treasure? This session integrates Biblical principles of cooperation and collaboration as each camper learns to use logic and strategy in a historically-based, pirate-themed scavenger hunt with the ultimate goal of winning the hidden treasure.

PM Session: 5th – 8th grade
Cost: $150

STEAM- Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics 

Instructor: Dana Pethtel

This highly interactive and fun STEAM project has been recognized in the local papers as exciting and important in teaching the valuable technical skills needed for today’s learners and workers.  Mrs. Pethtel specializes in providing hands-on STEAM activities and experiments for all ages!  The students at this camp will get to run an experiment on the International Space Station! You won’t want to miss this great new opportunity to learn science in new and exciting ways.

AM Session: 1st – 2nd grade
PM Session: 3rd – 4th grade
Cost: $250

Special session: June 14-18
PM Session: 5th – 8th Grade
Cost: $250

Meet our 2019 Campalooza Instructors

Stefanie Clements – Art
Stefanie received a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Bob Jones University and returned to teach art at DC where she graduated in 1998. Stefanie has dedicated the last decade to DC and loves revealing a child’s gift for art by teaching them techniques that allow them to do things they never thought possible. Stefanie currently serves as DC’s art teacher for 1st through 8th grades.

Karen Hoppe – Sewing
Karen has been teaching sewing for 22 years through her business known as Thimbles and Threads Sewing School. She and her husband, Wally, have four children who attended DC. Karen was very involved in the costume production for DC’s theatrical events throughout the late 1980s. Now, she enjoys being a grandmother of five DC students. More information about her business can be viewed at

Lexie Anders – Dance
Lexie began dancing at the age of three. Since then, her passion for dance has combined with her love of Jesus Christ by finding ways to uniquely worship Him.  Lexie is trained in ballet, but also knows a variety of dance forms such as jazz, tap, lyrical, and several forms of ballroom dancing. She has been a dance instructor since 2011 and had the privilege of attending the summer intensive at the Grand Rapids Ballet Company in 2009 as a student, and dance teacher intensives at Ballet Magnificat! – a professional Christian ballet company in Jackson, Mississippi – in 2013 and 2018. She regularly shares her passion for dance with students at the studio where she teaches at Christian Life Center by leading the praise dance group, Alabanza. She also continues to serve DC students as the lead choreographer for the DCHS High School Theatre Department.                                                                          

Allison Misere – Spanish
Allison brings her love for Hispanic people and their culture to the classroom. She is now in her 13th year of teaching Spanish to students at DC. Through teaching, she is able to show students how fun it can be to step out of their comfort zone and learn something new. In addition to teaching Spanish, Allison has led mission trips to Mexico and the Dominican Republic for 15 years.

Max Johnson – UAV / Piloting
Max is a 2018 Dayton Christian graduate whose love for flying became a reality the summer before his 8th grade year when he had an opportunity to take an introductory flight lesson in an airplane. That’s when his love for aviation took flight. He flew his first corporate business jet at age 16, and received his private piloting license in 2017. In 2020, he earned his commercial pilot certificate followed shortly thereafter by his flight instructor certification.  He currently trains new student pilots as a member of the adjunct faculty at Sinclair Community College. In addition to his teaching, he is on staff at First Flight Aviation as a Certified Flight Instructor. He currently attends Sinclair, where he is completing his Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Science.

Ken Carnegis- Military Strategy Role Play / Pirates of the Caribbean Scavenger Hunt

Ken, a 1980 DC graduate and retired US Army Reserve Captain, loves to share his passion for military strategy and board game play with students.  He especially enjoys integrating Biblical truths from history into his role-playing sessions.  Through his engaging and interactive sessions, campers will know what it means to sail the Caribbean and employ competitive strategies against other role players.  Ken has worked at Dayton Christian Schools for 12 years.

Dana Pethtel – STEAM Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics

Mrs. Pethtel is the K-8 Stem Specialist and Elementary Makerspace teacher at Dayton Christian School. She has been teaching for 15 years in multiple subjects and grade levels.


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