Additional Services

Extra-Curricular Options

Seventy-seven percent of our high school students are involved in an extra-curricular activity. DC offers a broad spectrum of athletics  as well as opportunities to take part in the fine arts, including numerous choirs, bands, and drama productions. A participation fee is charged to cover the costs of some of these programs.

Extra-Curricular Fees 
Athletic participation fee, Grades 6-12 $175 per activity, per student
Drama participation fee, Grades 6-12 $175 per activity, per student
Football participation fee, Grades 6-12 $350 per student


Intervention and Special Education

Dayton Christian School offers academic intervention and pullout services for students with mild to moderate learning disabilities through our special education program. If you have questions regarding intervention or pullout services, call the Special Education office at 291-7268.

Special Education Fees 
Special Education Services  Determined by individual plan
504 Plan $300 initial plan; $150 service fee in subsequent years


Extended Learning 

For students in preschool through 6th grade, Dayton Christian School offers an Extended Learning program so that parents can pick up their children later in the day when necessary.  Please submit the Extended Learning Form if you would like to take advantage of this service.

Extended Learning After School Pickup Prior to 4:45 PM

Monday – Friday

Pickup 4:46-6:00 PM

Monday – Friday

3 – Day $970 annually $1,400 annually
5 – Day $1,350 annually $1,860 annually



For your convenience, Dayton Christian School offers transportation through the following school districts at no cost: Centerville, Franklin, Miamisburg, and West Carrollton. (Please contact your school district to find out information about bus routes.) If you have any questions about transportation, please contact Randy Sweigart, Transportation Manager, at or 291-7322.

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