High School

Dayton Christian High School strives to be a place that brings historic Christianity into the realities of 21st century America. Students in grades 9-12 are faced with critical issues that will impact them for the rest of their lives. The high school provides a healthy and comfortable environment for students to discover how God can grow them and use them to impact their world. The culture of Dayton Christian High School encourages Kingdom building (providing opportunities for each student to be engaged in ministry), Warrior living (challenging each student to explore their God-given giftedness), and Servant thinking (expecting each student to be actively serving someone else).

The Warrior is the mascot of Dayton Christian School and we want to personify that idea as we engage in spiritual warfare. The school is focused on defining for our students, in practical terms, what it means to be a spiritual Warrior within our society. The high school intentionally emphasizes discipleship, personal integrity, worship, sportsmanship, and respect in order to help our students mature into Warriors for Christ. As we serve the Lord Jesus together, grow in our giftedness, and engage in ministry, We Can All Be Warriors!

Of course, one of the main purposes of any high school is to academically prepare its students for college, the military, or a career field. At DCHS, we offer a multitude of Biblically-integrated courses both on campus and online, including several college dual-credit enrollment classes. However, our mission reaches beyond that. We are not just preparing graduates – we are training Warriors who will rise to meet the challenges of the future from a Christian perspective in a God-honoring way. 

Highlights of our DCHS curriculum include:

  • Standard and Honors Diploma tracks
  • A robust selection of course offerings: High School Course Catalog 
  • Unlimited opportunities to enroll in College Credit Plus courses online
  • On-campus college dual enrollment in Sign Language and Psychology
  • AP and Honors courses on campus and online
  • STEM courses in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (on campus) and Engineering (online)
  • J–Term, a two-week term in January that affords students the ability to take academic, elective, work study, or mission courses to develop  their interests in various fields
  • Dual diploma and Honors track opportunities
  • Our full-time Director of College Counseling offers one-on-one college counseling and course planning that begins in grade 9 and actively involves parents