Why I Teach at DC

FACULTYCherylCheryl Watkins

We sent our oldest daughter to Dayton Christian for kindergarten in the fall of 2001.  We weren’t committed to Christian education, but we lived in a not-so-great school district and thought we’d try DC rather than move.  By the time we had our parent-teacher conference that fall, we knew we never wanted our children to leave Dayton Christian.  At that conference the teacher grabbed our hands and began to pray for our daughter in a way that showed us she really knew her and cared about her academically and spiritually.

Since then, our girls have been positively impacted by teacher after teacher. When a family friend died, our daughter was comforted with Biblical truth from a teacher at school.  Through the teachers and administrators,  our girls have had the privilege of observing and getting to know godly men who love their wives and children and make them a priority, godly grandmothers with a heart for their grandchildren to know the Lord, godly single women who live a life of purity, and godly moms who balance family and ministry.  They have been challenged and have excelled academically.  They’ve been given opportunities to serve locally and across the country.  They have developed talents and ministered through fine arts and have participated in athletics led by a godly coach.

Over the years, the Lord has provided in a variety of ways to allow our daughters to continue their education at DC.  Ten years ago he opened the opportunity for me to teach here.  This not only made a way for the girls to stay at DC, it gave me the opportunity to minister and serve families the way others have ministered and served mine.  I pray I have blessed the families of my students as much as my own has been blessed.  It is a work of the Lord that both our daughters will graduate as 13-year students from Dayton Christian and look back at their school years with so many fond memories of people, activities, learning, and friendships.  We do not regret a single penny that has been spent on their tuition over those years.  It has been well worth the investment.



Ryan Bostater

Why do I teach at DC? Because I am a 2003 DC graduate myself, and I had teachers at DCS that poured into the lives of their students. After having Mr. Combs in fourth grade, I knew I wanted to become a teacher–not a doctor, policeman, or firefighter– as most of my childhood friends wanted to be. I had teachers like Mrs. Schell (5th grade), Mrs. Phillips (6th grade), Mr. Stanley (8th grade) and teachers like Mrs. Howell and Mr. Kurtz for several classes in high school that showed me that my relationship with Christ was the most important relationship I needed to have, and that HE  needed to take priority in my life over academics. They took the time in class to point me to an unselfish life. DCS teachers have poured so much into my life as a student that they became my family, my role-models, my examples. I wanted to be able to do what so many teachers did in my life by giving my students the love and godly attention we all desperately need. That is why I wanted to be a teacher here at DCS –to give back to the students by showing them that Christ is the greatest thing they can receive. And, as my students grow in their relationship with Christ, I can help them to be the hands and feet of Christ to the needy, poor, and lost

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