Dayton Stories by parents

The Simons Family

 The Simons Family

Why did you choose DC?

When my daughter and I visited DC, we knew this was where God wanted us.  The atmosphere of prayer and worship was evident as soon as you walked through the door.  We were very happy with the choice of classes and the school’s commitment to have Christ reflected in all they do.

What do you love most about DC?

I love the faculty.  Everyone I have met has been helpful, caring, involved, prayerful, and kind.  I know people are flawed.  But I feel that the staff at DC tries to make the school day one of the best parts of the day for the kids.  They care about the kids and their success.

What is one word that best describes DC?

I would say, “Integrity.” I choose this word because I see an unwavering commitment to stick to godly principles.  The other private schools we visited prior to making DC our home were not as committed to the application of Biblical and Christian standards.  They had made too many compromises and it showed in the attitude of their staff, low enrollment, and the testimonies of families who were currently attending their schools.  A school with integrity does not compromise on the word of God and the principles of discipleship.

How has your child grown and developed at DC?

I am beyond proud of how my daughter, Ella, has grown.  She is involved in so much.  She has a desire to serve the Lord and a desire to make changes that will bring her closer to Him.  She and her friends started a Bible study group that meets every Wednesday after school.  She is not ashamed of her faith.  She has great friends and loves her teachers.  She has gone from being shy to being more confident and interested in trying new things.

How is faith and learning integrated at DC?

It is in everything.  Even in math class, prayer starts the lesson.  There is a reminder on every level that with God all things are possible.  He is in each lesson no matter the subject. Teachers are interested in the prayers and concerns of their students.  It is a beautiful thing for a child to be able to go to their English teacher and ask for prayer.

Would you encourage another parent to enroll their child at DC?

Yes! I would say to parents that there is no price that can be put on a good education.  DC offers the best in academics and the added plus is the Christian, family-like atmosphere in which your children can learn.  The school puts the safety and success of their students as priority.  The Lord is blessing DC and our family is proud to be a part of the DC community.  Our family has never second-guessed our decision to enroll Ella at DC.  God has made a way each month for us to make tuition payments. Confirmation that our daughter is in the right place.  We are so thankful to DC for all they have done for our family and for the beautiful changes and growth we have seen in our daughter Ella