Dayton Stories by students



What is your favorite DC memory?

My very first DC memory is making biscuits in Mrs. Shaeffer’s room in kindergarten.

How have your friends and classmates impacted you?

I have developed not only friendships, but also I have found many sisters and brothers. These relationships will last for a lifetime, I know. It is so important to have godly relationships, and thankfully, I have many.

What is your favorite thing about playing sports at DC?

I am pushed to go beyond my best. Being a part of the soccer team has taught me about dedication, commitment, and hard work.

How is DC preparing you for life after you graduate?

DC is instilling within me a strong Biblical worldview.

Why do your parents send you to DC?

My mom wanted me to have a quality, Christian education.

What do you think about the DC faculty?

I love how every teacher takes time outside of class to better enable my understanding of their subject matter. They truly care for and love each and every student.