Dayton Stories by alumni



What is your first memory at DC?

I remember crying with my mom on the first day of first grade. I wasn’t ready to leave her. But Mrs. Comer was a great teacher and she made my first day of school great.

How have your friends and classmates impacted you?

I started making friends at DC when I arrived in first grade. Twelve years later, I had the same great friends and even strong friendships. The people at DC were my second family.

What is your favorite thing about playing sports at DC?

I cheered for varsity basketball. I loved going to all the games and cheering the Warriors on to victory! Win or lose – we were family. Win or lose – we were Warriors. Go, Warriors!

What is your favorite part about attending DC?

I loved being allowed to pray at school, have Bible studies, and having chapel at school. And DC is small enough that everyone knows everybody else.