Dayton Stories by alumni



What is your favorite DC memory?

My first memory here begins in kindergarten. I was in Mrs. Schindler’s class and I loved to play house on the playground with all my friends. Kindergarten was the year I met the people who have taken this long journey with me, and along the way we have all become family.

How have your friends and classmates impacted you?

There are many students I attended DC with who had been here at DC since elementary school and many of them have had a huge impact on my life. At the beginning of high school, I found a large group of friends who were very loyal, trustworthy, kind, and great godly influences on me. I was very blessed and thankful to have grown up with great classmates who have all become my family.

What is your favorite thing about playing sports at DC?

I played volleyball for six years it has taught me many different life lessons. I learned leadership skills, teamwork, and how to concentrate on the needs of others before my own. I loved how we prayed before each game and how we all came together and had a devotional time during practice.

What is your favorite part about attending DC?

I loved how Dayton Christian has teachers who care about their students so much that they pray with them and help them educationally. I also loved how we are able to come together every Thursday to worship together in chapel in a place where we are unified in our Christian beliefs. Also, the love of the students for one another was incredibly amazing to see.