Dayton Stories by students



What is your favorite part about attending DC?

When I walk through the halls of Dayton Christian, I see my friends and family members. I see those who have experienced and are experiencing the same triumphs and obstacles that I am. I see my brothers and sisters in Christ who are striving to follow Christ. My friends have pushed me to strive for academic excellence and for a stronger relationship with God. Through their character and actions, my friends have shown me what it means to live out your life for the glory of God.

What do you like best about the DC faculty?

I love that all of the faculty members show a genuine concern for the spiritual growth and physical well-being of the students that walk the halls of DC. Time and time again, I have experienced the genuine love and kindness of the faculty. Any time I failed to understand something, or if I am having a bad day, at least one teacher will stop me and help me.