So They All May Know


The eternal destiny of our students’ souls is what drives everything we do at Dayton Christian and is the reason behind our 2020 Fundraising Campaign called “So They All May Know.” This campaign focuses on four key projects that we believe will help more children engage in Christian education and learn about the love of Jesus Christ.



Dedicated preschool and kindergarten wing

Our preschool and kindergarten programs are growing as more families learn about the quality we offer to younger students. This fall, our kindergarten grew to four classrooms, and this January our preschool will open an additional classroom to accommodate this growth. Donations to this project will help us transform the first floor of Building B into a dedicated preschool and kindergarten wing that will create synergy among learning spaces.

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A transformed cafeteria for the arts

The cafeteria plays an important role in supporting the arts and student life at our school. It’s in this space where students gather on a weekly basis to worship God through chapel, and express themselves through our theater productions. Donations to this project will help us upgrade the space with better lighting, acoustics, and seating for chapel services, theatrical productions, and lunch.

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An expanded and upgraded playground

Outdoor play is an important part of learning, especially for our younger students. Several months ago, we were made aware of safety issues with our playground and immediately shut it down. It was amazing to see God turn this inconvenience into an opportunity. Donations to this project will allow us to build a play structure that is accessible to all students, including those with physical disabilities.

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An increase in student scholarships

We are committed to making Christian education affordable to all families, and providing student scholarships is an important part of making that happen. One area of great need is financial assistance for our middle-income families who either qualify for low-income state scholarships or may struggle to pay the full amount of tuition. We increased our investment in financial aid by more than 60 percent in 2020-21, and as a result, we have helped over 25 more families than we have in previous years. We also created The Joseph Relief Fund, which granted more than $20,000 to 10 students whose families were negatively impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Donations to our scholarship funds help us go above and beyond what we have already budgeted to help more children receive a Christ-centered education. 

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