Frequently Asked Questions

What grades are offered through Dayton Christian Homeschool?

  • Grades K-12

What is required of the primary teaching parent?

  • Testify to be a practicing born-again believer
  • View home school education as a commitment and a calling
  • Not have regular employment during normal school hours regardless of age of student enrolled
  • Have ability to plan for and teach at his/her child’s educational level and accept responsibility to do so
  • Accept responsibility for attending all scheduled meetings
  • Earned a high school diploma or the equivalent

Does DC Homeschool require using certain curriculum?

  • Families have freedom to choose the best curriculum for their children, in accordance with the DC Statement of Faith.
  • DC Homeschool’s Curriculum Coordinator can recommend and advise parents on various curricula.
  • Curricula is available to be borrowed by from the Homeschool Resource Room.
  • The Homeschool Resource Room has thousands of items to borrow including teachers’ manuals, textbooks, test banks, audio-visual aids, games, manipulatives, and enrichment materials.
  • All workbooks or non-DC curriculum is purchased by families.

 Does DCS have an online learning option?

  • DCS partners with Ignitia and Bob Jones Online to provide high quality, Christian online curricula to families. Additional licensing fees apply.

 What are EXCEL days? 

  • EXCEL stands for EXperience Creative Enriching Learning
  • EXCEL meets on the Dayton Christian School campus twice per month from 9:30- 2:30.
  • Parents drop-off children grades K – 8, and are not required to stay.
  • Includes a lunch period and short recess
  • Classes vary each year, but have included science, Lego education, cooking, crochet, acting, music, personal finance, speech, literature, art, physical education, and more.  All courses are taught from a Christian worldview by qualified teachers.

 Is a uniform required on campus/at EXCEL?

  • A uniform is required when attending any class at Dayton Christian School.
  • Students may wear a uniform, Warrior spirit wear, or the Homeschool provided T-shirt.

What social opportunities are available?

  • 18 EXCEL days per year
  • On-campus electives such as art, music, and physical education, computer, foreign language, and more
  • Field trips
  • Family events: Winter Wonderland, Expert’s Night, EXCELebration,
  • Athletic and drama participation
  • Participation in ACSI Events: Spelling Bee and Speech Meet, and Math Olympics.

 Is enrichment offered to the teaching parent? 

  • Periodic training workshops
  • “Starting Strong” summer seminars
  • Fellowship events
  • Through Academic Advisors and DC Homeschool staff
  • A Moms in Prayer group meets during EXCEL mornings. 

What services are provided for students with special needs?

  • DC Homeschool students have access to special testing services through the DCS Educational Assessment Office.
  • For students whose test scores qualify for special needs, the Educational Assessment Office will provide the student with an Individualized Services Plan, or ISP.

What does an Academic Advisor provide?

  • Monthly meetings offer teaching suggestions, accountability, encouragement, prayer, and support academic progress
  • With the input of the primary teaching parent, a progress report will be completed by the Academic Advisor at the end of each semester.

 Do students have to participate in standardized testing?

  • Testing is required each spring for every K-8 student.
  • The Terra Nova3 is administered in the spring under the supervision of the DCS Homeschool Director, staff and EXCEL teachers.
  • Students who have accommodations in their Individual Services Plans (ISP) may complete yearly testing with the Educational Assessment Office.

 Can my children play sports or participate in plays or musicals?

  • Students through grades 8 can participate in sports and drama.
  • Eligible students in grades 9 – 12 can participate in sports and fine arts. 

What opportunities are available for high school students?

  • Engage in academically rigorous, Biblically-based courses
  • Eligible to participate in athletic, drama, pep band and other campus activities including J-term, sports and social events, senior trip, chapel, senior retreat, graduation ceremony, and more.
  • Access to stimulating elective courses
  • Accredited DC diploma available
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