Extended Learning Request (Preschool)

Extended Learning Policy 

Extended Learning is a program designed to aid working parents. Preschool families may sign up to have their child(ren) attend the program by completing the Extended Learning Request Form below. All students must be enrolled in one of the available options in order to attend Extended Learning.

Daily drop-ins are not permitted. Extended Learning will not be available when Dayton Christian is operating on a two-hour early dismissal or on Grandparents Day. 

Please be aware that Extended Learning closes promptly at 6:00 pm. The clocks located in the Extended Learning rooms will be considered the official time. 

Anyone arriving after 6 p.m. will be charged $2.00 per minute.  This late fee will be applied monthly through the DC Finance Office.  If late fees are not paid monthly, the use of Extended Learning will be discontinued until all late fees are paid.

Repeated behavioral issues could result in a student’s removal from the Extended Learning program.  

Please note that Carpool 2 is available at no cost for students being picked up by 3:10 pm.  Students remaining after 3:10 pm will be taken to extended care, where the late fee of $2 per minute will be applied.

Extended Learning Request Form

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