We strive to implement new technologies as soon as possible in the classroom, not only with the actual devices,  but also with our course offerings.

Students have easy access to computers from Pre-K through twelfth grade. Three computer labs service the elementary, middle, and high schools in addition to more than thirty computers available in the library for online courses. A “Mac Lab” provides support for digital photography and videography  courses. In addition to the computer labs, carts for laptops, netbooks, and iPads are available for faculty to bring into their classrooms.

Having technology, however, is not the same thing as teaching students how to use it. Therefore, we offer a computer literacy program for students in grades K-8 so that they learn computer fundamentals and develop advanced skills in Microsoft Office components.

At the high school level, technology courses are offered online and as electives such as Web Development and Computer Systems. On campus, students may take part in the UAV STEM courses as they learn to fly and program unmanned aerial vehicles. Please see our Course Catalog for more details.