The Word of God is foundational to our academic program. Each of our courses of study, from Pre-K through on-campus college dual enrollment, not only offers academic rigor, but also sound Biblical integration, guiding and challenging our students as they develop their own Biblical worldview. In addition, we consider our faculty our “living curriculum” as they walk out their life of faith before our students every day and point our students to the source of all truth.

Dayton Christian School is aligned to the State of Ohio Academic Standards and all of our courses are taught by teachers certified by the State of Ohio and ACSI. However, our mission reaches beyond the academic requirements of the state. We endeavor to provide strong, Christ-centered, Biblically-based academics so that our students grow in wisdom, in intellect, and in spirit. Together with our fine arts, missions, and athletic programs, we nurture the soul of not only the students, but also the world they serve through their gifts and talents.

We consider all we do through the lens of our mission statement and strive to be:

  • Instilling in students a love for Christ and God’s Word, a love for learning, and a love for others (Matt 22:35-40)
  • Inspiring students to approach scholarship, athletics, fine arts, and service as an act of worship (Eph 4:1-3; Col 3-23-24)
  • Equipping students to reach their full, God-given potential within the Body of Christ, to live out their faith with grace, wisdom, and courage (Phil 1:7-9; Col 1:28-29)