Ross to Compete in USA Gymnastics Nationals

Ross to Compete in USA Gymnastics Nationals

Dayton Christian student Luke Ross will be participating in the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic National Championships in Daytona Beach, Florida on Thursday, May 13.

Ross qualified after placing 16th in the all-around competition at the regionals in Battle Creek, Michigan where his team also placed third.  It will be his second appearance at the championship. 

The DC eighth grader is hardworking and focused as one would expect from an athlete competing at the national level.  He practices at least 20 hours a week and deals with the stress of testing himself against his competitors. 

Unlike his fellow gymnasts, Ross also faces the challenges that come with the multiple diagnoses of Tourette’s Syndrome, ADHD, and anxiety.

However, instead of adding to his adversity, gymnastics has provided a type of therapy for Ross, one that has helped him to meet these difficulties head on and even rise above them. 

 “Gymnastics really helps me work through these other challenges,” Ross said. “It helps me relax more, use up my energy, and offers a distraction from things that stress me out.” 

The intensity of the sport and its demands on his time are actually a benefit to Ross.  

“It is a unique sport and very demanding of my time,” Ross said.  “I have practice year-round, including times when other students are on school breaks.  Since I know gymnastics requires a big commitment, I am forced to be more organized than I normally would be in school, church, and free time.” 

Ross will join three other gymnasts from his home gym, Gymnastics Training Center of Ohio, next week at nationals. 

After that, Ross will return to the gym to continue to work toward his long-term objective. 

“One of my goals is to make it to one of the 13 universities in the country that offers men’s gymnastics,” Ross said.  “It is difficult, but I believe I can do it.”