DC Stands For Life – And You Can, Too

DC Stands For Life – And You Can, Too

Psalm 139 clearly teaches the God knows us even as we are “knitted together” in our mother’s womb. Before we are born, God knows us and loves us.  Since this is what the Bible teaches, Dayton Christian School proudly proclaims a belief in the sanctity of human life and annually supports the work of the Miami Valley Women’s Centers here in Dayton. 

Throughout the past weeks, faculty, staff, and students in Grades PreK – 8 have participated in numerous activities to actively draw attention to this stance and to raise funds and donate items for the MVWC.

At the end of March, the junior high students took part in a March for Life during their advisory period and were able to raise over $600 for the MVWC through a “baby bottle fundraiser.”   

In April, the elementary students participated in a month-long focus on important truths we teach about the sanctity of life. Students brought in sonogram and baby photos to make a wall display in the main hallway of the school.  They donated baby lotion, baby wash, baby cereal, and baby wipes.

In addition, the elementary students had a Walk for Life on Friday, April 30 in which they carried signs and walked around the school’s perimeter.

Our students have set an example for us, and now it is time for adults to do their part.  This year, the MVWC Walk for Life will take place on Saturday, May 22 on the campuses of Southbrook Christian Church and Dayton Christian School.  You can be a voice for the unborn – and an example to our students – by taking part or financially supporting those who do. 

Find out more at https://www.facebook.com/MiamiValleyWomensCenter/

Registration begins at 10 am.  Program begins at 10:45 am.