Connor Talks To Class About Space Flight

Connor Talks To Class About Space Flight

Students in Dayton Christian’s junior high Quest for Space class already have experiments they developed this year that will run on the International Space Station. Today they spoke to someone who will actually serve on the ISS. Larry Connor, head of the Connor Group in Miamisburg, joined the class in a Zoom call to discuss his upcoming trip with Axiom in the first fully private flight to the ISS in history.

Students were able to ask Connor, pilot of the Ax-1 mission, a  number of questions, such as “What was your motivation to go to space?”   

“I believe space is the last great frontier,” Connor said.  “NASA has done a great job, but it is going to take the private sector, private companies, private individuals, and private organizations to really propel it forward.” 

Although Connor has experience flying everything from helicopters to fighter jets, it is not solely his role as pilot which fuels his passion for the Ax-1 mission. 

“On the ISS, there is a unique environment to conduct really important medical research,” said Connor. “I am working with both Cleveland Clinic and the Mayo Clinic, two hospital systems that are world-renowned, to do some very, very innovative – and hopefully – ground-breaking research.” 

Connor also explained that taking reasonable risks should be a part of life.

“I think it is important for all of us regardless of age, to explore and to be willing to move out of our comfort zones. That means trying new things,” Connor said. 

“I encourage everyone to be adventurous and explore, and for me, this is a once-in-a- lifetime opportunity to do just that,” Connor said.  

The Ax-1 mission is scheduled for some time in January 2022 and will also include  Commander Michael Lopez-Alegria, and mission specialists Eytan Stibbe and Mark Pathy.