Happy To Be Back Where We Belong

Happy To Be Back Where We Belong

Today marks one week since our return to campus on August 19.  As Dayton Christian’s own beat reporter, I had to wonder, what has been the reaction of our faculty and students since we have returned to in-person learning? 

As I spoke to students and teachers, one fact became very clear: Our DC family is thrilled to be back in community!   

DCHS English teacher Nicole Sharp says that despite the need for masks, extra cleaning, and other restrictions, she and her students are excited to be back in class together.

“Honestly, our students have been so mature about everything that has been thrown their way,” said Sharp. “I am extremely impressed with them. They have verbalized how they are just thankful to be here in school and if that means they have to wear a mask, they’re fine with it. Yes, it can be inconvenient, but they have said it is much better being here with friends and faculty than learning from home.”

Sharp also commented that students have told her that having to do virtual learning last spring has made them realize how much DC truly does mean to them.

In addition to a return to the classroom, DC athletes are glad to be back in action, said DC Athletic Director Ben Shroyer. 

“It has been great to be hosting athletic events again and seeing our students compete in the sports they love,” said Shroyer. “I’ve enjoyed seeing our community come together again at home games and look forward to the fall season.” 

Although it can be challenging to keep up with and manage all the guideline changes that seem to be made on a daily basis, Shroyer is confident our gritty Warriors will accept the challenge to pursue excellence in athletics.

A school building without students is lifeless, so preschool teacher Eden Foreman is happy that students have brought the energy back to the building.

“After our five-month absence from campus, having the hallways full of students again was just amazing,” said Foreman. “Although there are many things we are following to keep students safe and healthy, it is amazing to see God shape new friendships and reunite others.”

Junior Gretchen Millhouse agrees our return to campus has been a good decision.

“It is nice to have that connection back, seeing your teachers and friends face to face,” said Millhouse.

Perhaps second grader Samuel Dabbelt summed it up best:  “I am happy to be back in school because I get to see my friends.” 

How do you feel about being back on campus? Here are a few more quotes from our faculty and students:

The students are really loving just being TOGETHER.  They were so happy to see each other; the new students seem happy and included, too.  It’s just good to be back! – Christina Backer, DCJH faculty

I love being back. I missing everybody and being back helps me stay busy and in a routine.  When I am here at school, I am not preoccupied with everything that’s going on. – Izzy Thompson, Grade 11

One of my favorite things about being back on campus is being able to have students lead prayer and dance to worship songs. No matter what is going on, we always have time to worship Him! – Eden Foreman, PreK teacher

I like to be back at school.  We get to be outside more and be with our friends. – Chloe Hallock, Grade 2.

I like that we get to be around our friends again.  I was ready to come back to school.  If wearing masks makes that possible, then let’s do it so we can be together and not online. – Luke Petty, Grade 7

I am so happy to be in person with my students as we start another great and exciting year of chemistry.  It is much better to be in person with all our masks on than online! – Tom Minor, DCHS faculty