Spanish Elementary Program Expanded

Spanish Elementary Program Expanded

The Dayton Christian School Elementary Spanish program will be expanded this year to include Grades PreK-6. The pilot program, introduced in the 2019-2020 school year, included only PreK through second grade students but will now be expanded due to an overwhelming positive response from DC students and parents.

“The goal of these of once-a-week elementary classes is to expose our younger students to the Spanish language at an early age so that they can begin their world language education while they are not only excited about learning it, but also while they are still within the ‘window of language development,’” said DC Spanish teacher Allison Misere. “Students will learn the basics of speaking, reading, writing and understanding Spanish, while also learning about the countries and cultures that speak Spanish as their primary language.”

Each level of elementary Spanish will build on the previous year, and students will continue to grow in their abilities to speak, read, write and understand the language.  The elementary Spanish program will prepare DC students for a more extensive study of Spanish grammar and other advanced skills when they are in junior high and high school. 

“By the time students reach junior high/high school, they will have already been taught to have an appreciation for cultural diversity, have the potential to master correct and more authentic pronunciation, and have developed a large vocabulary in the Spanish language,” said Misere. 

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