Virtual Learning: It’s Not Just For The Big Kids

Virtual Learning: It’s Not Just For The Big Kids

The preschool faculty at Dayton Christian School go above and beyond for their young students while they continue their education online during the COVID-19 pandemic. This past Friday, teachers made a home visit to each of their students, saying hello and dropping off activity packets and kindergarten readiness materials to make sure these preschoolers end the year strong.

This is not the only way these teachers have managed to maintain a regular routine for the preschoolers at Dayton Christian. The teachers – Wendy Tesmer, Eden Foreman, Anna John, and Tammy Melson – collaborated with a parent to create a website for their students.

“We wanted to help our students continue their education while at home,” said Tesmer, lead teacher at the preschool. “Now all our students – whether they are enrolled two days a week or all five, or whether they attend full-day or half-day – have access to the website.”

The website includes the regular weekly curriculum the students would be doing if they were still on campus as well as links to print-outs to help the students practice what they are learning. Best of all, the teachers are providing videos on sign language, cooking, STEM activities, art, physical education, music, and Spanish – all starring the familiar faces of the DC Preschool faculty.

For example, Mrs. John shows the preschoolers how to make her favorite breakfast from her childhood in India (Dosa and Coconut Chutney) and Mrs. Melson talks about magnets in science class.

The students stay connected with their teachers and their classmates with regular Zoom meetings, including their weekly Show and Tell time and a PJ story time. The Young 5’s class – made up of all boys – even has a special Boyz Hangout time to help foster the bond they created during the first three quarters at school.

The website is open to the public and can be accessed at