Special Education/John Peterson Updates

Special Education/John Peterson Updates

From Dr. Sarah Griffiths, Director of Special Education

As classes have transitioned to an online learning format, the Special Education Department has been working with the K-12 teachers to insure that your student continues to receive the accommodations and/or modifications he/she would receive in the classroom. However, some accommodations, such as read aloud for directions, tests, and quizzes, have required you as a parent to step in and provide the needed accommodation since the department is unable to provide the service at this time. We appreciate you standing in the gap. If your schedule does not allow you to read every assignment, there are some great text-to-speech software programs that will read text, PDF files, etc., to your student. Some of the programs that offer a free version are as follows: Audiobook Maker, Acepela Virtual Group Speaker, Natural Reader, and Read the Words.

If your student has met with Mrs. McFadden throughout the school year to work on IEP goals and objectives, she will continue to provide students with intervention services through a variety of learning platforms in order to allow your student to keep working toward meeting his/her goals and objectives before IEPs come due late spring/summer. Mrs. Ingham, Mrs. Price, Mrs. Raby, and Mrs. Zimmer have provided materials and assignments through email and online lessons for their small group classes. Thank you for helping your student access the weekly assignments. If your student has gotten behind, please reach out to his/her teacher through email or DC Connect to arrange for extended time.

For those who receive speech/language therapy, occupational therapy, and vision services through the Warren County ESC, you should have been contacted through email or a phone call to set up a time for your student to receive virtual therapy or teletherapy. Please make sure you child takes advantage of the services the therapists provide.

The Jon Peterson Scholarship Office has been sending out letters with information about renewing your child’s scholarship for the 2020-2021 school year. Please complete the application document and send it, along with a recent utility bill for proof of residency, to Dr. Griffiths at sgriffiths@daytonchristian.com who will submit your renewal paperwork. There is not a deadline for renewing the scholarship; however, we would like to have all renewal documents in the system by the end of May.

Lastly, with the ordered school closure and the move to online learning, the Jon Peterson Scholarship Office is requiring parents to sign a consent form giving permission for students to receive their services through a variety of alternative service delivery methods (i.e. online, instructional phone calls, etc…). Please be on the lookout for an email from Dr. Griffiths with additional information and your student’s consent form. The form will need to be signed and returned to Dr. Griffiths as soon as possible.

Please feel free to email or DC Connect message Dr. Griffiths if you have questions pertaining to special education or the Jon Peterson Scholarship