A Hybrid Block Schedule: How and Why?

A Hybrid Block Schedule: How and Why?

Principal Gabe Pethtel announced last month that Dayton Christian High School and Junior High will be operating on a hybrid block schedule next year. You’re probably wondering what this will look like for your student. Here’s a quick “How and Why” about this new schedule.

What will the schedule change look like?
A hybrid (or modified) block schedule includes three days of a regular school schedule – for DC, that would be three days of classes with periods one through eight meeting each day – and two days of longer periods in which only four classes meet. For example, students could meet Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for days of eight, regular 42-minute class periods (as they do now). On Tuesdays, students would meet for their first through fourth periods for 70-minute classes. On Thursdays, students would meet for their fifth through eighth period classes for 70 minutes each.

At this time, the schedule has not been finalized, so the block schedule days could occur on other days of the week. The new schedule, however, will still allow time for chapel.

What are the benefits to moving to a hybrid block schedule?
According to Pethtel, the greatest benefit of the new schedule is the extended class periods it allows.

“Our teachers and students will have greater time to delve deep into subject areas,” said Pethel. “For example, in English classes, teachers can run writing labs and students could even complete an entire paper in one class period. In science and mathematics, the longer class period allows time for labs, regular instruction, and one-on-one tutoring as needed.”

Another important benefit is the extra time to hold an advisory period on one of the block schedule days. This is a 30-minute session for students and teachers to meet in small groups for prayer, discipleship in faith, discussion about academic progress, leadership training, grade-appropriate information about study skills and college planning, and much more.

In addition, a mid-morning break will be added to the daily schedule.

“One of the challenges of our current schedule is our late lunchtime of 1 pm,” said Pethtel. “This 10-minute mid-morning break would allow students to have a time where they can socialize, meet in club settings, and have a snack to improve alertness and learning. This could even be a space to make regular school announcements so that academic times are not interrupted.”

The hybrid block schedule also offers an opportunity at the end of each block day for regularly scheduled extra help sessions with all faculty. This means that teachers will remain in their classrooms those days to provide students with 30 minutes of help for tutoring, reviewing what is due the next class meeting, and preparing for assessments.

What if I have more questions?
We are very excited about the benefits this change will bring, and we hope you and your student will be as well. If you have questions, feel free to contact Principal Gabe Pethtel at with any questions you may have about our new hybrid block schedule.