DC Facebook Top Fans: How & Why

DC Facebook Top Fans: How & Why

If you were at Saturday’s varsity boys basketball game or if you follow our Facebook pages, then you have probably noticed that Dayton Christian has begun honoring our top Facebook fans. DC Facebook Top Fans at the game received a free gift, a DC logo travel mug, to thank them for being DC brand ambassadors.

Our DC Facebook Top Fans help us expand our reach on Facebook when they like, share and comment on our posts. They are helping to tell the DC story in our community and spreading the good news about what is happening at Dayton Christian.
We truly appreciate these DC supporters who do what we call “Loving Your School Out Loud,” so we have decided to thank our fans in a tangible way. We will continue to show appreciation to our Top Fans, and we have plans to grow the program in the future. (That means there are future opportunities to earn DC swag!)

The first thing you need to know is that Facebook began issuing “Top Fan” badges to help page administrators (that would be me, Melissa Geiss, your DC Communications Manager) identify the most active people on a given Facebook page.
So, in order to be a Dayton Christian Facebook Top Fan, you have to be active on the DC Facebook page.

Facebook completes a weekly tabulation to determine who the most active members on the page are. When they recognize you as a Top Fan, they will ask you if you want to accept the Top Fan badge. This is a small icon that appears next to your name when you leave a comment on the page. Make sure you ACCEPT the Top Fan badge when it is offered to you so that you can be recognized as a Top Fan by Dayton Christian School.

You can become a fan by regularly doing the following (and I would add, in the order of importance):

  • Watching our videos
  • Commenting on our posts
  • Sharing our posts
  • Liking or reacting to content

Keep in mind that Facebook strongly encourages meaningful interaction, which is to say that you need to do more than just like our posts or add a “Wow!” in the comment section. Adding useful comments about the post and sharing it with others are your best bets toward gaining Top Fan status.

Also keep in mind that the Top Fan badge isn’t permanent. If you do not stay active, you can lose your Top Fan badge from week to week. However, the badge is restored as soon as you become active again.

Dayton Christian School rewards their Facebook Top Fans who have been Top Fans for at least three months. We appreciate all of our fans, but we want to especially reward those who continually make the effort over time to share the DC story. For that reason, we will honor our long-term ambassadors with special gifts and opportunities.

To make it easier to see all of our posts, go to the Dayton Christian School Facebook page and click the “Following” button.  Select the “See First” tab and then all DC posts will show up on your personal Facebook feed automatically.