Students Create Nativity Scenes for DC

Students Create Nativity Scenes for DC

A stable and a manger. These simple symbols reference the humble birth of Jesus and are at the heart of nativity scenes seen around the world at this time of year.

Just recently, two nativity scenes appeared on the Dayton Christian School campus. You may have noticed them as you drove into school, but did you know that DC students were responsible for their construction?

Making the nativities was a project led by DC Facilities Manager Ron Travis who enlisted the help of student volunteers from Mr. Recker’s woodworking classes: Kira Dashewich, Julia Broughton, Alex Heinrich, Andy Heinrich, Rhett Bailey, and DJ Eppinger.

The students spent about 12 hours here at school the last two Saturdays in November to assemble and paint the nativity scenes.

“It was a pleasure to work with these students who used their talents to work on this project,” Travis said. “They were very respectful and asked questions during construction. Watching them problem-solve during the process and work in teams was very rewarding and was worth the effort, as one can see from the final products.”

The nativity scenes are a gift from these students to everyone in the DC family. Travis hopes to continue the project in years to come and add more figures to the scene annually.

The nativity scenes are located in front of Building C and on the Washington Church side of campus near the quad.

Thank you to all who contributed to this project to help remind us each day of our Savior’s birth!