Elementary Receives Award from Heifer International

Elementary Receives Award from Heifer International

Today in chapel, Eric Smith of Heifer International presented our elementary students with the “Make A Difference Award” for their contributions to the organization.

The students recently took part in a fundraising effort for Heifer International after hearing author Peggy Reiff Miller discuss and read her book The Seagoing Cowboy. The story highlights the experiences of a young man who was a part of the first Heifer Project, a mission to get livestock to European families devastated by World War II.

Today, Heifer International still works to eradicate poverty and hunger by providing animals and agricultural training to families in need around the world, and our elementary students are now helping to fulfill that aim.

Our students in preschool through sixth grade raised a total of $3,591 for Heifer International and also purchased the following animals through the livestock program:

3 llamas
2 flocks of geese
2 flocks of ducks
2 sheep
4 goats
4 trios of rabbits
4 pigs
5 bee hives
5 water buffaloes
6 flocks of chickens

In addition, other donors to Heifer International committed to match the funds our students and others raised during this fundraising period, so our students’ efforts were doubled. 

The Make A Difference Award plaque reads, “For transforming lives around the world. Your contribution will help provide livestock and training to families in need. Your gift helps give families income so they can eat nutritious meals, send their children to school, and light up a brighter future. Thank you for helping to transform the lives of families around the world.”

Thank you to all who participated and to Jodi Brown, elementary librarian, who spearheaded the effort to have Miller speak to our students and encouraged the students to support the mission of Heifer International.