Williams Scores a 36 on the ACT

Williams Scores a 36 on the ACT

Dayton Christian senior Jonathan Williams has scored a 36 on the ACT, a standardized test used for college admissions. A composite score of 36 is the highest possible on the test and represents an achievement that less than one tenth of one percent of test-takers attain. The average score nationwide is 21.

Williams, who plans to pursue computer science in his undergraduate studies, focused on testing strategies to prepare for the ACT.

He participated in the ACT Prep class offered at Dayton Christian School and took the test five times in order to improve his score.

His last effort rewarded him with the score of 36.

“I definitely felt better about this last test,” said Williams. “I thought it was my best yet, but I didn’t have any idea that it was a 36.”

Earning the top score on the ACT puts Williams in an elite group of high school students and will no doubt have a positive impact on his college selection process.

“Jonathan’s perfect 36 on the ACT is an outstanding achievement,” said Gabe Pethtel, junior high and high school principal. “This score will not only qualify him for college, but it will also place him in the upper 1% of applicants to even the most selective schools in the nation. Many schools will compete to have such a competent and capable student apply by offering academic scholarships so that he might make them his school of choice.”

Williams has already applied to Georgia Tech and Arizona State University, but will also be applying to about 15 other colleges and universities. He hopes to study the field of artificial intelligence after earning both a master’s and doctoral degree.

The Dayton Christian School Board of Trustees awarded Williams a commendation for his effort at their most recent meeting.  (See photo above: Williams with Board Chair Chris Brown.)