While most students her age spend their summers playing video games or working at the pool, senior Julia Baker spent most of her summer writing and preparing for the release of her first album, a mix of pop and Christian music. The seven-song collection “Caught” was released in July.

Baker wrote and provided the vocals and instrumentals (piano, electric drum, and guitar) for each of the songs which are based on her personal experiences. The song “Born to Fly,” for example, is about her desire to travel.  In the titular song “Caught,” Baker challenges her listeners to let their true selves shine regardless of what others think.

Pouring her time, effort, and personal reflections into this project was a risk that paid off for Baker.

“At first, it was nerve-wracking to put myself out there,” Baker said. “But you never know who you are going to reach.  People have contacted me and told me how much they appreciate my music and how much they can relate to it.”

Baker’s listeners hail from all over the globe and it is not surprising that she is receiving fan mail: her album has over 37,000 streams off of Spotify alone.

A second album is already in the works. Now that she has gained the confidence to share her music, the creative process for Baker will be ongoing. 

“I love the feeling of writing and finishing a song, putting different mixes together and watching it all come together.”  Baker said.  “I love music – It’s what I do.”

You can find Baker’s album, “Caught,” under the pseudonym Julia May on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and all other streaming platforms. Baker also regularly performs at Zink’s and other local establishments.