Woodworking Classes Partner With Marion’s Piazza

Woodworking Classes Partner With Marion’s Piazza

Dayton Christian School woodworking classes are getting a taste of the real business world without even leaving their classroom.  They have partnered with Marion’s Piazza – Dayton’s most popular pizzeria – to make pizza boards for the restaurant chain.  

One of the steps in Marion’s pizza making process is allowing the pizza dough to rise on wooden pizza boards until they are ready to be made into pizzas.  That’s where DC’s woodworking shop comes in.  Marion’s commissioned the students to make the pizza boards for them under the guidance of woodworking teacher Gary Recker. Recker, previous to coming to DC, owned his own carpentry business.  

Last spring, the students made 500 large pizza boards and 120 small pizza boards for the restaurant.  All proceeds from the project will fund the industrial arts at DC. 

So, the next time you eat at Marion’s Piazza, remember that Dayton Christian School had a part in preparing your dinner!

To our students in the woodworking classes, we are proud of your enterprising spirit.  Go, Warriors!