Every year when I conduct the Parent Satisfaction Survey, the number one reason parents cite for sending their students to Dayton Christian School is the Biblical integration of our curriculum and the Christian focus in all that we do.

The very first week of school, Mrs. Baker’s seventh grade Bible classes had a series of lessons that demonstrated once again how the Christian perspective is woven into our students’ days.

The class was beginning a study about heroes. Now if we were a public school, this discussion would probably veer off into a discussion of professional athletes, movie stars, or political figures. Middle school students might even look to social media stars as heroes.

But Mrs. Baker focused on the Biblical concept of a hero – that believers are made in God’s image and how through a changed life in Jesus, they can intentionally live their potential and do their best.  In other words, she wants them to see themselves as heroes who can make an impact on their world. 

Through a study of Psalm 37:37, Baker encouraged her students to be heroic in little and big ways. They drew outlines of themselves on paper and brainstormed specific traits and roles God wove into each of them, and students wrote the words on the body outline. They hung these up in a display to remind them that God has given them the necessary traits and skills to be a real hero.

Throughout the ear, the class will highlight men and women who have accomplished heroic actions in the past and present for the good of others. I would also add that throughout the year, the students will be able to watch our “living curriculum” – our faculty- live out their walk of faith each day and see what an every day hero looks like in real life. 

Psalm 37:37 – “Mark the perfect (Hebrew: continually striving to mirror God’s character) man and behold the upright; for the future of that man is peace.”