Nine Students Advance To State Science Fair

Nine Students Advance To State Science Fair

Nine Dayton Christian Junior High and High School students have been selected to take part in the science fair at the State Science Day at Ohio State University on May 11.

These students received superior rankings at the West District Science Day at Central State University on March 29 and are thus eligible to take part in the state event: Morgan Gibson, Nathaniel Matthew, Sam Hendricks, Kira Dashewich, Blake Bailey, Michael James, Hannah Davidson, Hadassah Davidson, and Luke McCarty.

Several of our Warriors received additional honors. Nathaniel Matthew won the second place award from the American Meteorological Society. Sam Hendricks earned a third place award from the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics as well as first place honors from the Office of Naval Research. Michael James won the third place prize from the Montgomery County Mechanical Engineering Award and was invited to present his project at the Buckeye Science and Engineering Fair. Luke McCarty earned the West District Merit Award. Hannah Davidson won a $100 prize from the Southern Ohio Chapter of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society and was invited to speak to the group. Blake Bailey earned a $30 prize and will speak at the upcoming American Society of Mechanical Engineers Society.

Topics for this year’s projects varied but the quality of the work was consistently high, as the above results demonstrate. In alphabetical order, here the projects presented by our students:

Blake Bailey – Engineering Prosthetics
Kira Dashewich – Instant Cold Pack Chemistry
Hadassah Davidson – Lipstick, Anyone?
Hannah Davidson – Are You Aware of Your Learning Style?
Morgan Gibson – The Validity of Antibacterial Household Cleaners
Samuel Hendricks – Perfect Propellers
Michael James – “Karting” Weight Distribution
Nathaniel Matthew – Choosing the Right Roof
Luke McCarty – Equally Yolked? A Comparison of Cooking Methods For Eggs

Congratulations to all our Warrior scientists and we wish you well at your next level of competition!