Garretts Make Impact at State Level

Garretts Make Impact at State Level

Several members of our DC family have made a choice to get involved in their community to make a positive impact, offering their Christian perspective to a state-wide council.

Sophomore Holly Garrett and DC Director of Health Services Kim Garrett were recently selected to serve on the Advisory Council for Ohio’s Statewide Family Engagement Center. They joined the 50-member committee at Ohio State University in February and will meet several more times this year to help develop a framework for Ohio’s schools to improve family engagement with the educational process.

According to the Office of Innovation and Improvement of the US Department of Education, thirteen states, including Ohio, received grants to develop programming that supports the implementation and enhancement of systemic and effective family engagement policies, programs, and activities that lead to improvements in student development and academic achievement.

“Research indicates that a lack of family involvement in the educational process is costly to our Ohio schools and to our families,” said (Kim) Garrett. “We want families to be able to connect and have a real relationship with their schools, and this grant allows us to try to create a framework to help encourage that engagement.”

“This is the kind of thing we are all about at Dayton Christian,” said Garrett. “As a Christian school, we are already a perfect fit for this council. Family engagement is already a priority of ours.”

“I am excited about what’s to come and happy to be a part of something bigger and to represent Dayton Christian in an effort to care for students and families of Ohio,” she continued. “This is a great opportunity for us to represent our Biblical perspective.”

Garrett’s daughter, Holly, is one of only four students on the council and is encouraged that she is a part of something that will benefit the larger community of the state.

“At the first meeting, it was very exciting to see people from all over the state trying to impact our schools and our families,”  she said. (Holly is pictured with the other students on the council in the cover photo as the “O” in Ohio.)

Both Holly and Kim will return to Columbus this month for the second meeting of the council.

Congratulations, ladies, on your selection to the council and for your willingness to represent Dayton Christian and a Biblical perspective at a state-wide level!