The Scientific Method is Alive and Well at DC!

The Scientific Method is Alive and Well at DC!

Last week, science was the focus as both the high school and the junior high held a science fair and presented their projects to a panel of judges.

The high school science fair was held in the cafeteria on Monday, February 11. Fifty-five students from the high school earned a rating of “superior,” twenty-two earned a rating of “excellent,” and nine students will be moving on to the Montgomery County Science Fair on Saturday, March 2 at the Dayton Convention Center. Those students moving on are Isabel Suber, Nathaniel Matthews, Blake Bailey, Hannah Davidson, Sam Hendricks, Noah Luiken, Kira Dashewich, and Morgan Gibson.

The eighth grade science fair took place on Wednesday, February 13. Lexi Russell, Grace Miller, Hadassah Davidson, Brett Gorham, Sanei Spencer, and Luke McCarty will advance to the county science fair to represent Dayton Christian School.

“Everyone in 8th grade does a project that they choose from an interest that they have,” said eighth grade science teacher Beth Ann Rohrer. “They start with a question they want answered, then they do some research, and form an educated guess for their answer. From that, they conduct an experiment, record their findings and present their project to the class. And I am very proud of all their work!”

Congratulations to our students moving on to the next level of competition and to all our Warrior scientists who took part!