DC Celebrates Black History Month

DC Celebrates Black History Month

February is Black History Month, and from preschool through high school, Dayton Christian School celebrated the lives of notable African Americans.

In preschool, our students learned about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., George Washington Carver, and former President Barak Obama through videos, games, and artwork.

The kindergarten classes studied the lives of Mae Jemison, Garrett Morgan, George Washington Carver, Rosa Parks and Jackie Robinson, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Barak Obama Students and illustrated books about what they learned.

Our first graders read about Frederick Douglass, Harriett Tubman, George Washington Carver, Rosa Parks, Jackie Robinson, Ruby Bridges, and Thurgood Marshall. Students paired up and created and presented a PowerPoint presentation – just like the big kids do – on a famous African American.

In second grade, students enjoyed a reader’s theater: “Harriet Tubman, Alias Moses: Joe’s Journey.” Teacher also read several books aloud to the classes: “Let’s Read About Martin Luther King, Jr.,” “My Uncle Martin’s Big Heart,” and “Henry’s Freedom Box.” They discussed a different notable Black American every day of the month and had a bulletin board about Black History Month.

Third grade students worked on their writing and research skills as they each read a book they’d selected about a famous African American and developed a research project.

Reading about Black History Month and watching informational videos about prominent African American Figures was the focus of the fourth grade. Also, Black History Month coincides with American Heritage Week. Numerous students chose to represent famous black Americans for the American Heritage Play on Friday, February 22

In fifth grade, students had daily readings and completed research projects that now proudly hang in the second floor hallway.

The sixth graders read a selection from “28 Days:  Moments in Black History That Changed The World”  each day and completed a book project.  

In addition:
• During the entire month of February, the elementary office included one Black History fact during morning announcements.
• A huge shout out goes to DCES Librarian Jodi Brown who created an extensive book display for our students and made sure that lesser known black history figures were included and pointed out to students. Mrs. Brown supplied many books for our teachers for their classroom projects. In addition, “Richard Wight and the Library Card” and “Ron’s Big Mission” were read aloud during elementary library time this month.
• Paul Bilunka, 9th and 10th grade Bible teacher, shared a devotion/PowerPoint, “Remembering the Words of Martin Luther King, Jr.” in his classes.

Thank you to all who helped make this month an educational time for our students!!!