Elementary Students Celebrate Spiritual Emphasis Week

Elementary Students Celebrate Spiritual Emphasis Week

October was Spiritual Emphasis Month for our 1st-6th grade students who were challenged by Mr. Wagoner, our 11th grade Bible teacher, to be world changers by bringing in food items, cleaning supplies, and gift cards to help flood victims from the hurricanes that hit the Carolinas and also Florida. The students raised $2,118.68 in gift cards, and brought in over 2,000 items to be sent through Send Relief to aid those who are recovering.

The purpose of Spiritual Emphasis Week this year was to help students focus on “Who We Are..”  We are made by God, loved by God, planned by God, a friend of God, and made to be world changers. Chapel each week in October focused on one of these points and the entire elementary school engaged in a mission project to raise funds for those who had been recently impacted by hurricanes 

“One of my favorite stories from the challenge was a story that came out of Mrs. Hahn’s third grade class from a boy named Dylan,” said Wagoner. “Dylan came in one morning with $152 dollars to give from his piggy bank. His family had been talking at home about generosity and how when we give we give sacrificially and cheerfully, and when Dylan heard he had an opportunity in chapel to help people that were hit by the hurricanes, he decided to give big to help others.”

(The photo provided depicts Dylan shaking hands with Sam Kelly, State Director of Send Relief)

Mrs. Westendorf’s class won the competition, and helped load the trailer on November 1 in the rain. They did a great job! 

Way to go, Dylan, and all who participated in helping others during Elementary Spiritual Emphasis Month!