Grace Porter: World Champion!

Grace Porter: World Champion!

Grace Porter, a 17-year-old DC senior, can now add the words “world champion” to her resume when applying for colleges this year.

Porter won the Saddlebred Show Pleasure Junior Exhibitor 14-17 World Championship at the Kentucky State Fair World Championship Horse Show, known as the world’s richest and most prestigious event in horseback riding. More than 2,000 horses competed for over $1 million in award money during the seven-day event. This year’s show took place August 16-25 at Freedom Hall in Lousiville.

Porter’s horse Nirvana’s Lithium, affectionately known as “Batman” to Grace, is also now a world champion. Grace and Batman had to perform a series of tasks and requirements to take part in the County Pleasure division, not to mention winning the requisite shows previous to this one to be allowed to compete.

“My horse and I have to be able to, for example, do a flat walk, which is a slow, steady walk. Then we also have to do a trot where Batman’s knees are up very high and his chin is tucked in like a chess piece,” said Porter.

Porter hopes to continue in the sport after graduation because she enjoys the connection between the horse and rider. 

Last year Porter placed seventh in this same event where she now holds the world title. 

Congratulations, Grace, on your continued success in this event!

*You can watch Grace’s victory lap after her big win: here: