Survey Says… You Are Heard

Survey Says… You Are Heard

As Dayton Christian’s Director of Communications, I recently sent out a survey asking you to rate your family’s first week back to school at Dayton Christian. I just finished tabulating the results and I can share with you that 100% of respondents said their first week was either positive or very positive. Now that’s something to crow about!

Of course, we don’t score 100% in every area. We are an imperfect school filled with imperfect people.
But we are a people who are trying to live out the walk God has called us to.

Take the First Day at SouthBrook event… It was our first attempt to bring together the entire student body, along with their parents, to start the year out together in an intentional attempt to set the tone for the coming days.

What a sight to see our entire student body walk over together, led by our marching band! How precious to see our upperclassmen escort our preschoolers and kindergartners to the event. Some of them were holding hands. Some of them carried their little ones.

And then the worship! III John 4 says that “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” How much greater is the joy when we see our students not just choosing the truth but sharing that truth by leading the DC family in worship! It was such an awesome spectacle to behold. The Praise and Worship Band did an amazing job.

Next up, Chris Malmstrom, Director of Spiritual Life, led us in a devotion about our theme “Aligning Your Mind With Christ,” and Dr. Gredy presented his vision for Dayton Christian for the coming year.

The survey response to our First Day at SouthBrook event was overwhelming. Our school body, a part of the body of Christ, yearns for this focus on our spiritual life just as our emotional and physical bodies yearn for the sense of community gathering together corporately can bring. It was a good day. So good, in fact, that people have requested that it become a tradition. Believe me, that message was loud and clear and we hear you.

However, there were also comments on the survey that offered suggestions on improvement. The most numerous comments were about the back to school night. After that, came the comments about high school lunch seating. These comments will be discussed and considered and ideas for improvements will be developed and implemented to the best of our ability. Because…

When it comes right down to it, we are an imperfect school filled with imperfect people.
But we are a people who are trying to live out the walk God has called us to.

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