The Legacies of Graham and King Still Impact DC

The Legacies of Graham and King Still Impact DC

The annual American Heritage program brought to life the stories of those who have gone before us to shape our history and serve our Lord Jesus Christ. One by one, students stepped up to the microphone dressed in bonnets, suits and lab coats, and introduced their character and the role they played in our country’s past.

Martin Luther King Jr. and Billy Graham – two men who knew the value of the gospel and the Biblical truth that all are created in God’s image – were among those being represented. It’s an appropriate time to reflect on their work as we honor Graham’s recent passing as well as the 50th anniversary of Dr. King’s death.

I realize I have much to learn from both of these men, and that each one modeled a dedication to God’s word that we must instill in the lives of our children.

Those who encountered Graham would remark on what a disciplined life he led. He kept the word of God close at hand no matter where he went,and surrounded himself with people who would hold him accountable for his actions. Two friends of mine helped write separate memoirs about the great reverend and each shared with me that he was “the real deal.” Another evangelical leader remarked about his disciplined life as the “Graham Standard.”

Dr. King also focused on the gospel of Christ as he championed the cause of equality for every human being. His calls for equality were shared by Graham, who supported civil rights by removing ropes that separated blacks and whites at one of his crusades.

We are each responsible for making the gospel our first priority and to filter every thought, philosophy, cause, and action directly through it. The gospel’s simple, beautiful truth was something that was included in every sermon Graham preached. Its message was and is inclusive of all peoples- a beautiful truth that Dr. King wanted so desperately for our nation to embrace.

Join me in prayer as I ask God how we can best model these truths to our students. Teaching our children how to live a better or more moral life is not why Christ died on the cross. He shed his own blood that we might experience transformed lives through the forgiveness of sin and the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit.

This is an unchangeable truth that is available to every single student – each one an image bearer of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Dr. John Gredy / DCS Head of School