Student Writes, Directs, and Acts in Homeschool Play

Student Writes, Directs, and Acts in Homeschool Play

Senior Hannah Collier, a Dayton Christian School homeschool hybrid student, will direct the play “A Life of Faith: Adventures on the Indiana Frontier,” a play she adapted from the book series A Life of Faith: Millie Keith written by Martha Finley. The production will star the sixteen students in Collier’s History Through Drama class, a part of the DCS Homeschool EXCEL program.

Not only did Collier write the adaption for the play, which will be presented April 21, she also handmade some of the costumes and will play a role in the production.

“I grew up reading the Millie Keith books,” said Collier. “They were the first real books I ever read. I remember just loving the stories. I re-read them just a few years ago, and it occurred to me that I could write an adaptation for the stage.”

Collier, who has been a DC homeschool student since kindergarten, has truly found her niche in the History Through Drama class, which uses period dramas to teach students what life was like during the particular time in history.  “A Life of Faith,” for example, takes place during the early 1830’s America. 

“This play has been a big part of my senior year, and I have loved every minute of it,” said Collier.