On Asking God Why

On Asking God Why

We ask the question many times in our lives. Why? Why did this happen? Why is God allowing this to take place? To be honest, we don’t always know the answer to that question, but we can know what God is doing — what He always does. He is at work in our lives drawing us to Him. We might not see how that is being accomplished in the midst of a tragedy, be we can rest in the fact that His loving arms are there drawing us close to Him.

At first, feelings are dominate. Feelings of anger, tears, sadness, and questioning; and that is OK. But as we turn our faces to Him, we will see His love for us. We will see His compassion for us. We will see His grace extended toward us. We will see Him as He is: An  all- knowing, sovereign, always with us, compassionate God who has all things within His sight. He knows what is best for our lives. He sees the beginning and the end.

How do we respond to this? Feelings are not bad, and there is plenty of scripture that supports our feelings. But as David did over and over, we turn to our rock, our fortress, our safe place.

Trusting Him, we fall at His feet; the ones that were pierced for us. We let Him take us up in His hands, the ones that were nailed to the cross for us. We rest. We rest in Him and He comforts us like no one else can, but we need to do this daily. We need to run to Him every day, every hour, every minute, moment by moment.

It is not in our nature to trust in someone deeply beyond ourselves. It is not our bent to rely on someone else being in control. But God in His infinite wisdom orchestrates our lives to be ones that will do exactly that. What is God doing? He is bringing glory and honor to Himself. I know that is what He wants us to do also.

Tommy Williamitis

August 23, 2001 – February 13, 2018