Seniors Launch Fundraisers for Warrior Center

Seniors Launch Fundraisers for Warrior Center

Even though the Class of 2018 will never benefit from the Warrior Center, they are pushing hard to raise funds for the gym. They have launched two campaigns to raise funds so that future classes of DC students will enjoy the benefit of having a gym on this campus.

The first campaign is called “One Plank at a Time.” Warrior Center donors can buy a miniature “plank” of the gym floor for $25 and write their name on the piece of wood. Eventually, all the planks will be assembled together as a piece of wall art and will hang in the future Warrior Center.  These planks can be purchased at any school office or at the Etsy Apex Productions site.

The second campaign honors former DC teacher Paul Pyle. Called the “Pyle It Up” campaign, the students designed t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, and water bottles emblazoned with a cartoon photo of Pyle’s face. These items can purchases at the high school office, Mr. Kurtz’s classroom, or the Apex Productions Etsy shop.

The seniors of 2018 are showing true leadership by working so hard to help Bring the Warriors Home.

“We want the students in the elementary and middle school grades now to have a place that is their own, a place where they can experience all the games of their high school career at home,” said senior class president Brooke Allen.

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