Homeschool Presence Looms Large on King’s Court

Homeschool Presence Looms Large on King’s Court

Homecoming season is one of the most exciting times of the school year, and with it comes the honor of being chosen for King’s Court.

Freshman Brianna Blake said, “I was really excited to be chosen for King’s Court!” and senior Lily Smith agreed with her. “I felt so honored that my classmates selected me!”

The students chosen for King’s Court this year are humble, kind, and involved members of Dayton Christian High School. Stephanie Boys, mom to sophomore representative Emma Boys said of her daughter, “Emma has a deep desire to serve the Lord, and to walk according to God’s word.” This characteristic of genuine passion for the Lord is what truly represents ‘”he Warrior Spirit” and is actively demonstrated in the lives of each and every representative.

However, there appeared to be another common theme throughout the female representatives. Each one of the graceful ladies who paraded down the football field on homecoming weekend were homeschooled prior to attending high school at Dayton Christian. These exceptional young women, freshman Brianna Blake, sophomore Emma Boys, junior Abby Erisman, and senior Lily Smith were raised slightly differently than most kids.

Erisman said, “I think [homeschooling] made me more dedicated to school.”

Despite seeing each other around the halls, none of these girls were aware of their commonality and all delighted to discover this mutual experience. Homeschooling is such a unique opportunity which really allows students to thrive in a personalized schooling experience at home. This year’s King’s Court truly exemplified the effect of that experience!