JR High Volleyball Team Completes a Perfect Season

JR High Volleyball Team Completes a Perfect Season

The Junior High Warrior Volleyball team wrapped up a perfect season Saturday night with a win in the Metro Buckeye Conference championship.

A heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS goes out to all of the players on the Junior High Warrior Volleyball Team for completing a perfect season with an 18-0 record! These girls have practiced hard and given it their all against some really tough opponents — and it all culminated last Saturday with a hard-fought battle against Troy Christian to bring home this season’s final win.

The tournament last Saturday was so exciting and nerve-wracking for the fans. After a bye and a win against Middletown Christian, our girls faced the championship game against Troy Christian who came out very strong and won the first set, 25-10. Our girls fought diligently for every point, and worked as a team to pull off a well-deserved win, both in the second set where they won 25-15, and in the deciding set where the Lady Warriors won the tournament, 25-10!  Squeals of joy filled the air and tears streamed down our girls’ cheeks as they realized they had just completed a perfect season! The entire DCS family is so proud of all of you!!

But all season, it was about more than winning … These girls really cared about and supported each other and it was truly inspiring to watch them. A special sentiment of gratitude goes out to our committed, loving, encouraging coaches Angi Dabbelt and Pete Creamer who have trained and coached this team to excellence.  These girls couldn’t have done it without you believing in them and investing your time and wisdom in them.  Thank you!

This 2017 season was a job well done by all to the glory of God!