DCHS Students Build New Gaga Pit

DCHS Students Build New Gaga Pit

The DCHS home maintenance students spent their class time yesterday installing a new Gaga pit on the playground — a project that they planned and built themselves.

It was part of an effort by Gary Recker, the home maintenance teacher, to encourage the class to give back by using their newly acquired skills to address needs at the school.  So far, they have fixed a door that needed to be planed down and built and installed steps in the auditorium. The Gaga pit is the latest project the class has taken on — and we’re only halfway through the semester.

“We have been working on this for several weeks,” said sophomore Ben Fenning. “We planned it out and have been slowly been working on it. It feels prety good to know that what we’re doing will have an impact on other students.”

Fenning couldn’t be more right.  The previous Gaga pit was in very poor shape and desperately needed replacing. The new pit is much more sturdy, has plastic sleeves on the top boards to protect from splinters, and is much larger than its predecessor.  

Funds for the new Gaga pit were provided by a donor.

“It was really such a blessing,” said Rich Garrett, DCES principal. “The donor gave us $1100 — and the total cost of the project came to $1096. And our students are going to be so happy with this new Gaga pit.”