This Is Why DC

This Is Why DC

As parents, many of us sacrifice to send our kids to Dayton Christian School.  We sacrifice financially. We sacrifice our time to drive them to school and sporting events. We may give up nice vacations and other luxuries to make sure that a DC education remains a top priority in our family.  We willingly choose to make these sacrifices because we know the blessings of having our children in a Christian school far outweigh any difficulty we may encounter. And last week, my friends, these blessings were on full display. It was a week of tremendous spiritual impact.

The week started with Spiritual Emphasis Week for the high school. Every day our students met for chapel with Bishop Robert Lyons of the Market Place Movement and the whole school was abuzz about his messages. His sermons about being salt and light and living out authentic Christianity really resonated with the students and staff.

“I wish he could speak to us in chapel every week,” said junior Isabel Gaston. “He kept me completely engaged in the message. He’s really relatable to us students. He addressed topics that I am going through now and am probably going to be dealing with at some point in my life.”

A highlight of Spiritual Emphasis Week was the annual See You At The Pole event.   Wednesday morning as the sun came up across the horizon, parents, students, teachers, and administrators gathered around the Building A flag pole for prayer and worship. Junior Bailey Mershad led the group in praise songs.  Gabe Smith read from the Psalms.  Others led the group in prayer for our school, our leaders, and our nation. Before dismissing, the crowd broke up in small groups for prayer as well.

Also on Wednesday Miss Lewis hosted a special guest – David Ditrich, guitarist for Colton Dixon.  Ditrich led both fourth grade classes in praise songs and took questions from the class about his life on the road and his path to his life in music.  Afterwards, the students laid hands on him and prayed for his ministry so that all he does would honor the Lord.

Where else can our students be surrounded by spiritual opportunities like this? Where else can they see such role models – an impactful pastor on fire for the Lord, a musician using his talents for God’s glory, and everyday people gathering for prayer? Where else do they hear a message about being the salt and light and then have the opportunity to watch people walk it out in real life?

A Christian education may seem costly to us now. But with an eternal perspective in mind, we know the benefits in our children’s lives far outweigh the sacrifice. In the end, we know that Christian education doesn’t cost – it pays in eternal dividends.